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TradeNet is an exclusive ICT partner for selected clients. Aquisition by invitation only.

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About Us

TradeNet was founded in 1993 as one of the first internet providers in The Netherlands. Over the years the company grew to be one of the leaders in IT management for small businesses. Today the owner, Martin Jansen, still provides his services to a select group of clients. Occasionally we take on new assignements, mostly by invitation only.

We are specialized in building and maintaining ICT infrastructure for small businesses. We manage our clients based on over 30 years of experience in large segmented networks. This way our clients get enterprise grade service normally reserved for large corporations only.

Our most recent client joined our network 7 years ago, our oldest client over 25 years ago. This shows how much we apreciate a good longterm relationship. We mean serious business, but persue longlasting and joyfull friendships as well.

After a long exciting journey with lot's of clients and partnerships, our founder decided it was time to scale down and focus on helping new young startups. We still service a select group of clients and want to balance our time efectively. This is why we are no longer actively persuing new clientele.

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